Shin splints

shin splints

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Shin splints


Shin splints, medically known as medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), is a common condition characterized by pain along the inner edge of the shinbone (tibia).  When you have shin splints, you might not feel them all the time.  You might only feel it when you’re running or exercising some other way that puts stress on your shins.  As your shin splints get worse, you might start to feel the pain all the time.

Risk factors of Shin Splints

You’re more at risk if:

  • You’re a runner, especially one beginning a running program
  • You suddenly increase the duration, frequency or intensity of exercise
  • You run on uneven terrain, such as hills or hard surfaces, such as concrete
  • You’re in military training
  • You have flat feet or high arches

Shin Splints Prevention

Steps you can take to avoid getting this condition include:

  • wearing shoes that fit well and offer good support
  • avoiding exercising on hard or slanted surfaces or uneven terrain
  • increasing exercise intensity gradually
  • warming up before exercising
  • making sure to stretch properly
  • engaging in strength training, specifically toe exercises that build calf muscles
  • not attempting to exercise through the pain

Any intensive exercise program requires strengthening of all surrounding muscle groups.  Workouts should be varied to avoid overuse and trauma to any particular muscle group.

You should refrain from any intense exercise program if severe muscle pain or other physical symptoms develop.

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