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Rehabilitation Programmes

The foot is composed of different structures including bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles. As the feet bear the weight of our body, they are more prone to injury and pain. A foot injury or foot surgery may leave you immobile for a period of time. After any injury or surgery to your foot, a rehabilitation program will help you get back to your daily activities quicker.

A well-structured program will help you return to sports and other activities, and enjoy a more active and healthy lifestyle. Rehabilitation programs provide a wide range of exercises that are safe and effective for your particular condition, and are best performed under the supervision of your doctor or physical therapist. These programs focus on strengthening and stretching the muscles and tendons of the lower leg, feet and ankles to relieve pain and soreness, keep the muscles flexible, provide stability and prevent future injury

The foot and ankle create our contact to the ground, and as such is a weight bearing structure. Loading the muscles, tendons, bones, and joints of these areas need to be carefully controlled to enhance your weight bearing function. This progresses from walking comfortably without a limp, and when appropriate, on to running, jumping, landing, twisting, accelerating and stopping for athletic activity.

At the Chelsea clinic we provide treatment that maximizes your independence as early as possible, creating the greatest recovery in the quickest time frame, within the constraints of protecting your healing requirements. We will also discuss strategies to maintain your fitness as best as you can, during this time. 


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