3T0 Nail Bracing

Designed to improve the toenail shape...

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3T0 Nail Bracing Treatment

Toenail Bracing is a safe and effective treatment option that avoids toenail surgery, requires no anaesthetic, nor recovery period.  It offers immediate pain reduction, and also allows the quick resumption of sporting and daily activities.

Moreover toenail bracing is a treatment designed to improve the toenail shape as well as to prevent the reoccurrence of painful ingrown or involuted toenails. Similar to the bracing of teeth used in orthodontics, toenail bracing aims to permanently change the position of the nail for an improved cosmetic appearance and also for pain relief. 

Hence, this treatment is recommended for:

Benefits of 3TO Nail Bracing

The benefits of this treatment include:

  • Fast relief as well as long term pain reduction
  • Pain free application of the 3T0 Brace
  • No local anaesthetic required
  • No interference with everyday life, work or sports
  • Suitable for those with peripheral vascular disease or diabetes

The braces are made from steel wire; the wire is then applied over the dorsal surface of the nail and curved under its lateral edges. A loop bridges the levers and then draws them together. The wires are then trimmed and the edges covered with a gel that is cured to protect from catching on sockwear.  The braces are applied after measuring the nail of the individual, and then the pressure is modified typically on a 4-8 week period based on the presence of symptoms. The administration of antibiotics is controversial, and also most favor simple hygienic measures. Thereafter, braces are removed when all symptoms have resolved.

At the Chelsea clinic we will discuss the benefits of selecting this treatment for you and go through the best ways to target which ever condition you may present with as well as alternative options. – South Kensington Podiatrist

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3T0 Nail Bracing

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