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Acupuncture Treatment (dry needling)

Western medical acupuncture also known as dry needling involves inserting single use sterile dry needles which are very fine (hair like) needles into specific points ‘trigger points’ or chronically contracted muscle. Dry needling these areas helps to reduce increased tone or contractures, they assist in the neural messages to the muscles so improve overall muscle tone and reducing pain improving flexibility.

There are different methods of needle insertion and where someone is very nervous even pressure point therapy can be used as an alternative if necessary.  Likewise stronger techniques can be used such as periosteal acupuncture in pain and stubborn conditions to stimulate electroanalgesia partially mediated centrally, (otherwise known as the brain), endogenous also known as inherently within the body releasing our own opioids. (Brown, 2005).

Acupucture can be used to treat plantar fasciopathy, achilles tendinopathy, shin splints (also known as tibial medial stress syndrome), knee and big toe arthritis as well as other foot and ankle conditions.

The benefits of this treatment

  • Acupuncture works by balancing the small nerve bundles found in the fascia deep to the skin.
  • By assisting to regulate sensory, vascular and muscular small nerve bundle inflammation reduction can also be noted.
  • Patients can describe warmth (this can demonstrate nerve fibers C and A delta fibers are being stimulated), which assist to reduce pain.  The c fibers are distinguished by the A delta (and A beta fibres) as they are narrow in width so transmit the dull chronic achey pain people report.  The larger diameter nerve A delta fibers transmit the acute sharp pain people report.
  • After having an acupuncture treatment patients can report feelings of well being as increased endorphins and opioids are released with dry needling
  • Improvement to muscle tone and a reduction of muscle contractures can be noted.

At the Chelsea clinic we will discuss the benefits of selecting this treatment for you and go through the best ways to target which ever condition you may present with as well as alternative options.

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