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A Medical Pedicure is a deluxe foot treatment that is performed by a podiatrist in a hygienic and safe environment which consist of hot towel treatment, exfoliation, and skillfully trimmed nails with a special moisturising treatment for feet and a massage for the feet.

A medical pedicure is a much more comprehensive treatment that gives attention on treating common ailments and also on the health of your feet. Ailments such as:

Medical Pedicure at The Chelsea Clinic

At the Chelsea Clinic, we will be able to take a baseline assessment to monitor your skin, vascular, neural and musculoskeletal status of your foot and ankle. We can advise you on footwear specific to your foot shape and assess your lower limb biomechanics observing your gait, (*the way you walk). This will enable us to provide you with advice on how to keep your feet and ankles active and healthy.

We have the benefit of a traffic light system. This allows us to determine whether your foot is a low risk (green), a medium risk (yellow) or high risk (red) foot type. We aim to keep our low and medium risk clients within these parameters / categories for as long as possible. For a patient presenting with a high-risk foot type, we offer a shared healthcare approach, which, necessitates close communication with your GP and specialists specific for you.

We recommend an annual foot health check up or a toenail pedicure, not just when your feet hurt or when something has started to become problematic as foot care is indeed necessary. We should maintain to have a healthy feet for us to have a smooth daily routine. A chiropodist pedicure can help with your foot care maintenance.

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We now offer home visits and online consultations!

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