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One of the first pioneers in Gait Analysis was Aristotle the polymath...

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What is Gait Analysis

Did you know that one of the first pioneers in Gait Analysis was Aristotle the polymath.  A polymath is someone with expansive knowledge able to draw from a wide body of knowledge in order to solve complex solutions. To simplify gait analysis in broad terms it is how a person uses their whole body for the function of walking or running.  It is a method to analyse the overall walking ability of humans and animals using a range of parameters will include things such as age, size, weight, speed.

With certain types of gait patterns (or walking) these are not always optimal meaning that the joints or muscles experiencing pain and / or essentially are not functioning to the best of their ability. This can mean that surrounding structures or even structures further afield for example a person has a foot complaint, but a musculoskeletal expert notices that the patient’s neck is over compensating. 

This means the person is taking more unnecessary load and increased stresses and strains which can be observed in a person’s posture and their walking style specific to them. Not only is this costly for the body over time it can create accelerate wear and tear known as osteoarthritis.

When a person is being assessed we are looking at the movements that take place at the ankle, knee, hip, pelvis and low back.  We are observing the patient for signs of discomfort, contracture, areas that are deficient in motion and how we can improve this ultimately providing clients with postural and musculoskeletal solutions.

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