Annual foot and ankle health check up

How to care for your feet and ankles...

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Annual Foot and Ankle Health Check Up

There’s more to looking after your feet than wearing shoes and cutting your toenails.  Foot conditions and injuries are common.  There are many health conditions affecting other parts of your body that can also impact your feet. Healthy feet not only help ensure you stay pain free and active.  Healthy feet also help prevent conditions such as obesity, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, foot ulcer, peripheral neuropathy, and depression. 

Early and regular clinical examinations of the feet, and prompt management of common problems such as fungal infections, corns, callouses and blisters, can have a tangible positive impact on reducing the risk of developing more serious foot complications.  Additionally, the management of high pressure areas and providing education regarding appropriate footwear are fundamental aspects of foot care in people with diabetes or peripheral neuropathy.

Annual Foot Check Up at The Chelsea Clinic

At your annual foot and ankle health check up, we can monitor how you are progressing and with a baseline status of how you are comparing year on year.  We provide you with valuable insights and information on how to care for your feet and ankles over the long term for a better foot and ankle health care future. 

We recommend annual foot check up as a safeguarding prehabilitation not just when your feet hurt. Our podiatrist will be able to take a baseline assessment to monitor your skin, vascular, neural as well as musculoskeletal status of your feet and ankles. We can advise on specific footwear relative to your foot shape and also assess your lower limb biomechanics observing your gait, (*the way you walk). This will enable us to provide you with advice on how to keep your feet active and also healthy.

At The Chelsea Clinic, we will discuss a tailored treatment plan suitable for your foot problem. Our foot specialists will go through the best ways to target whichever condition you may present with as well as alternative options. – South Kensington Podiatrist

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