Faulkner's Method of Verruca Needling

Treating verruca tissue with multiple punctures...

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Faulknor's Method of Verruca Needling

Faulknor’s Needling Technique involves treating a singular verruca or numerous verrucae with multiple, small ‘punctures’ which then break down the verruca cells and wall.  This encourages an immune response and also resolution of the problem tissue over time. This, like nail surgery, is always performed with local anaesthetic. A human papilloma virus (HPV) infection is what leads to warts as well as verrucae.  Depending on the volume of verrucal tissue, the appointment will take less than 60 minutes in most cases. Moreover, complete resolution time on average is 12-16 weeks and we commonly review the verrucae site over this period.  The podiatrist may then require you to have up to 3 repeat treatments.

What is Verruca Needling?

The wart or verruca is repeatedly punctured with a fine, pointed, sterile needle.  This then forces the infected cells deeper into the dermis of the skin, where the immune system of the body can find them.  Over the following weeks, the plantar wart then undergoes a natural regression before ultimately disappearing.

The benefits of dry needling include:

  •  The podiatrist sometimes require only one treatment.  Unlike cryotherapy, silver nitrate, monochloroacetic or salicylic acid which require multiple visits
  • Performed under local anaesthetic so it will be painless
  • The procedure is completed simply in-clinic
  • We monitor your progress to ensure optimal healing
  • The reported success rates of dry needling are around 70%, as compared to standard cryotherapy which is circa 30-50%
Although intimate skin-to-skin contact can spread the common wart, it is not thought to be particularly contagious.
At the Chelsea clinic, we will discuss the benefits of selecting this effective treatment for you and go through the best ways to target which ever condition you may present with as well as alternative options. – South Kensington Podiatrist

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Verruca Needling

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