Luxurious Foot, Ankle and Calf Massage

Reduces the effects of depression and anxiety...

Paola Ash

Luxurious Foot, Ankle and Calf Massage

We all know a good foot massage can be so relaxing especially when we’ve been on our feet all day! Our feet are doing the bulk of our body’s work and they support us wherever we go. Our feet are hardworking and so they need to be pampered! In order for them to keep healthy and flexible, a good foot massage should be part of your routine.

Foot massage has been adopted in many countries for centuries as a way to encourage well-being and health. At present, foot massage is used by many around the world as a practice of alternative and complementary medicine. However many people still don’t realise the benefits it give.
There are many internal organs sensory nerves in your feet. An expert health practitioner can use your foot as a kind of map and can help treat health diseases by applying pressure on the meridian points that correspond to specific body organs just by doing a massage. This pressure effectively drives energy to the affected or troubled areas of your body, promoting both psychological and physical health.


Here are some benefits of having regular foot massage:

  • evoke higher levels of calm and feelings of psychological wellbeing
  • stimulates your muscles
  • lessens stiffness and tension
  • eliminate pain
  • relieve heel pain
  • greatly improve circulation in the lower extremities which is particularly important for people with diabetes
  • instant improvement for people who experience nausea 
  • help prevent foot and ankle injuries
  • lower blood pressure
  • promotes better sleep
  • reduce the effects of depression and anxiety

At the Chelsea Clinic, we will be able to take an assessment and advice to monitor your skin, vascular, neural and musculoskeletal status of your foot and ankle.  A luxurious foot treatment for you or your loved one or both. A specialised foot, ankle and calf massage (light, medium, or firm) bespoke to you. This will enable us to provide you with advice on how to keep your feet and ankles active and healthy. We should maintain to have a healthy feet for us to have a smooth daily routine.

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