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Fungi are particularly happy in dark, warm and moist environments...

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Treating Fungal Nails

Fungal nail infections are common.  They can affect fingernails but tend to affect toenails more often.  This can be explained in part due to the feet being covered up for long periods of the day and the blood flow to toes can be reduced in certain conditions so that the environment is more suitable for fungi also known as dermatophytes to multiply.  Fungi are particularly happy in dark, warm and moist environments which can then lead to infections of the nails.  Fungal nails tend to be more common with advancing age and men appear to be more affected than women.

However initially fungal nails can be quite deceptive.  At first you may just think that you have perhaps noted a small difference in colour and as the fungal infection may start in just one area of one nail this can sometimes go unnoticed for months.  Over time further visual changes become evident. 

Colour changes, thickening or brittle nails are a feature.  As the infection progresses the nails can start to become more misshapen, lifting from the nail plate underneath, debris build up and often a distinct fungal odour is present.

At this stage some may still feel that if they cut or file the nail enough the fungi will resolve which unfortunately is not the case.

With this is mind it is very important to check foot wear and to see that the footwear you are wearing is not too old (a hive for dermatophtyes).  Also with one set of shoes if we alternate these with another pair on the second day of the week so that we encourage a 24 hour period allowing shoes to breath in turn keeping footwear environment more healthy reducing bacterial and fungal loading.

Changing footwear regularly, even washing non leather or suede shoes every so often will improve footwear hygiene.  Washing socks at high temperatures and changing socks regularly is recommended.  Ensure that any visits to the swimming pool are made wearing flip flops to and from the changing rooms and into and out of the showers.

At The Chelsea Clinic we can discuss and go through a number of treatment options for you and tailor whichever treatment is best suited to your individual needs.

Fungal Nail Treatment in SW10

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