Chiropodial Care (Ingrown Toenail/Callous/Corns)

Instantly removing the feeling of walking on a pebble...

Paola Ash

Chiropodial Care

There are times when managing your own foot care can be challenging. In certain situations, nails grow thicker, skin becomes harder, and feet can become more difficult to reach affecting your ability to manage your own feet safely. Chiropodial care is one of our specialty services.

Conditions We Treat

Here are some of the conditions we commonly help people with:

 Corns and callous on the bottom of your feet can be simply and painlessly removed. Calluses are reduced in size, leaving a small and comfortable protective layer intact. Corns are ‘scooped out’, instantly removing the feeling of walking on a pebble and giving you a noticeable difference when your feet touch the ground. We also attend to any toenail treatments aside from treating corns and calluses.

We also offer services like foot paddings and wound dressings. 

At the Chelsea Clinic once the assessment is complete, we will undertake tailored treatments of your feet that will be suitable to your needs. We then provide you with information on regular maintenance and how to keep your feet healthy between visits. We can schedule appointments to take care of this important service so you know you are doing the best by your feet. – South Kensington Podiatrist



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Now offering home visits and online consultations

We now offer home visits and online consultations!

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