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What are Custom Made Orthotics?

Here at the Chelsea clinic once it has been determined that you are a suitable candidate for custom made orthotics we can then commence the process of making custom devices specific for you. This procedure includes a gait analysis.

Measurements are undertaken to assess your foot, ankle, knee and hip motion. We will take a number of photos of your feet and ankles in a weight bearing and non weight bearing position. With some markings we use plaster of paris to take moulds of your feet. This is undertaken by placing your feet in a biomechanical optimal position. The casts take a day to fully dry.

At this point alongside a customised prescription form we then choose materials specially selected for you. As part of our green campaign we are looking to source more and more vegan products that will be just as efficacious but kinder to our environment. Our ethos has always been to look for a win win solution. The devices include the shell, a bottom, middle and top cover and we will then fine tune the devices to add or remove any shell modifications and any additions where indicated.

These devices are custom so that only you will a. benefit from the devices and b. be able to wear them comfortably.

We use a world recognised lab that only use advanced computer technology and automated orthoses manufacturing systems. There are no prefab moulds everything is made from scratch based on the mould and the prescription which includes a cast scanner, digital corrections workstation and computer numerically controlled milling equipment.

Of course for children devices we have a whole selection of colours and shell top covers which are not only fun to look at but children love them.

Custom Made Orthotics in Chelsea

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