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We are London based podiatrists and chiropodists and operate specifically in South Kensington. Our professional and expert podiatrists are committed to providing you with the highest possible treatment for your feet. No matter if you have a specific foot problem or require a little TLC to your feet, our podiatrist in Kensington will restore the spring to your step.


Our podiatrist in Kensington will be able to diagnose and treat issues with ankles and feet such as nail problems, sports injuries, and generalized foot pain. We provide musculoskeletal ultrasound scans for your feet and ankles – this is a way to assess the health of your muscles, bones and tendons as well as the larger nerves of your feet and ankle.

Our podiatrists offer simple chiropody from our Kensington surgery to treat corns and calluses, verruca, hard skin, diabetic foot, or treat other more complex foot conditions.

We also speak Italian and conversational Spanish.

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Chiropody and Podiatry Treatments

Gait analysis

Custom made orthotics

Custom Made Orthotics

Verruca treatments

Ingrown toe nails treatments

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Fungal toenails

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Pain can become a chronic on-going feature in your life. If your musculo-skeletal system is not aligned then certain areas in the body are overworking whilst other areas underwork. Our Podiatrist can help you with this. Home visits available.

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