What is Iselin’s Disease?

Iselin's Disease

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What is Iselin’s Disease?


Iselin’s disease, also known as Iselin’s osteochondritis, is a condition that affects the growth plate (physis) at the base of the fifth metatarsal bone in the foot.  Iselin’s disease is a type of osteochondrosis, a condition characterized by disruption of blood flow to the growth plate, leading to necrosis (death) of bone and cartilage tissue.  Iselin’s disease typically occurs in children and adolescents, particularly during periods of rapid growth and development.

Symptoms Of Iselin’s Disease

The most common symptom of Iselin’s disease is pain on the outside border of the foot during physical activity. You may also notice:

  • The foot pain can ease with rest, and can come and go for many months, or years
  • Kids may walk with a limp or altered gait to try to reduce the pain and pressure on the outside of their foot
  • Swelling may be present on the outside of the foot, at the base of the fifth metatarsal

Another notable symptom of Iselin’s that is often observed in case studies is the lack of any identifiable injury history, trauma or infection that may otherwise explain the symptoms.

Treatment Options

Iselin disease typically resolves once the growth plates fuse, which occurs around age 12 in girls and 14 for boys.  In the meantime, your podiatrist will want to manage discomfort to help ensure your child remains active.

A pediatric immobilization brace is used to offload the growth plate and allow for healing.
Additional recommendations for Iselin disease may include:

  • For a chronic reoccurring condition, custom orthotic management can help prevent injury and overuse
  • Rest from strenuous activity
  • Applying ice or a cold compress to the affected area(s)
  • Stretches to the calf and peroneal muscles (those connecting to the foot)
  • Change to more supportive footwear
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