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Hygiene Procedures

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Hygiene Procedures


Thorough environmental hygiene is important for the prevention of transmission of infectious diseases within healthcare settings. Environmental hygiene encompasses effective cleaning of surfaces using appropriate products, decontamination of medical equipment and devices. 

The role of environmental cleaning is to reduce the number of infectious agents that may be present on surfaces. Also, in order to lessen the risk of transfer of micro-organisms from one person/object to another, thereby reducing the risk of cross-infection.

Cleaning is a process which intends to physically remove foreign material from a surface or an object through the use of water, detergent as well as mechanical action (friction).

Additionally, it is important to handle old patient care equipment in a way that avoids exposing skin and mucous membranes, contaminating clothing, and spreading bacteria to other patients and the environment.

Importance of Hygiene

All those involved in providing healthcare cleaning services should work towards high quality, safe cleaning services that meet the needs and also the expectations of patients, the staff and public. In order to contribute to the overall patient experience and to high quality patient centred care.
Moreover, delivering a high-quality healthcare cleaning service is complex, demanding and not to be underestimated. The aim is to ensure all cleaning-related risks are identified, minimised, as well as managed on a consistent, long-term basis, irrespective of where the responsibility for providing cleaning services lies. 

At our clinic in South Kensington our hygiene procedures are checked after each treatment (hand washing, gloves, couch rolls). 


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