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Clouston Syndrome

Clouston Syndrome

What is Clouston Syndrome?   Clouston Syndrome is a form of ectodermal dysplasia that is characterized by abnormalities of the skin, nails and hair.  Early indications generally start in infancy and may include aberrant nail growth and sparse, wiry, brittle, spotty, and pale scalp hair. People who have this condition may also have palmoplantar hyperkeratosis […]

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Morton's neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma

What is Morton’s Neuroma? Here are some facts about this condition   Morton’s Neuroma is a painful illness of the nerve near the balls of your feet. It is also known as “Interdigital Neuroma”.  The nerve becomes irritated and inflamed because it is compressed by the ligament (intermetatarsal ligament) that holds the two long bones

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cracked in the heel

Cracked Heels

Do you suffer from cracked heels? Learn more about the causes, prevention and some tips on how to get away with it   Cracked heels are a common foot problem. These can occur in both adults and children, and seems to affect women more often than men. For most people, having cracked heels isn’t serious.

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