Our Covid Policy at the Chelsea Clinic

covid policy

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Our Covid Policy at the Chelsea Clinic


At the Chelsea clinic, the health and safety of both patients and podiatrists are paramount. 

Infection control standards at The Chelsea clinic are always high, however, additional measures have been taken during COVID-19.  Procedures are now in place and we have sought guidance from our governing bodies such as the College of Podiatry (COP) and Public Health England.

We are adding an extra 15 minutes in between appointment times this allows us to provide you with additional infection control which includes:

Wiping clean with diluted bleach or clinell wipes door handles, the treatment couch, patient chair and podiatrist chair, cleaning the keyboard, treatment trolley, the light, drawer handles, drill, doppler and any other items that have been touched during the course of the treatment.  Our credit card machine is also wiped down. However, ideally online payments during this period are preferred to avoid any cross-contamination, no cash can be accepted.

Our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The COP directs us to use tables 2 and 4 when deciding which PPE to use:

Including the use of gloves, aprons, IIR fluid resistant masks and eye or face masks, depending on risk.

The COP suggests that an FFP2 or FFP3 mask will provide superior protection. Therefore a combined IIR and FFP3 mask is ideal. 

The college advises that a face visor would if this combination is not available, provide additional protection.

Before booking an appointment

We will send out our COVID-19 triage safety steps form to you and that we have obtained your signed (via email) consent to receive treatment.  We kindly ask that you wait punctually until your appointment time.  Also, We request any client to please wear a mask.  If you do not have a mask we can supply you with a mask.  We kindly ask that you wash your hands upon attending your appointment and where possible distance maintained.  If you are able to attend on your own this is preferable.

Changes to the clinic

Signage on the entrance door providing clear COVID-19 guidelines. 

As much as possible, surfaces are clear to allow for easy cleaning.

Pillows have been made with a wipeable material or covered with wipeable or disposable covers.

Doors and windows are left open unless ambient temperatures are intolerably low.

Tissues and hand sanitiser available to patients.

Increased gaps between patients’ appointments to avoid cross over and to allow additional time to clean.

Patients who are particularly vulnerable are to have further extended longer appointment times.

Podiatrist Attire

After treatment sessions attire is to be placed in a pillowcase and put directly into an extended washing machine cycle upon bringing them into their home.  Shoes are anti bacterially sprayed, wiped down and left outdoors.

After any treatment session podiatrist goes directly home, showers and launders clothes that have been worn between the clinic and home.

Treatment packs

covid policy

At the Chelsea clinic, every single patient is treated with a separate set of sealed sterilised podiatry instruments which are opened in front of you.  Cleaning and sterilization of equipment is essential.  We have invested in the latest technology this consists of (1) chemical cleaning with single-use brushes, followed by (2) ultrasonic cleaning for approximately 10 minutes after which instruments are then vacuum packed with individual sterile pouches and finally (3) autoclaved for approximately 45 minutes.

Although the process takes about 2 hours each and every time it is the only way to ensure our patients receive the best possible hygienic care and treatment.  Any single-use disposable instruments will go directly into special waste containers. And it will then collected as part of our professional clinical waste disposable process.


Paola Ash, Paola Ash osteos MSK | podiatrists MChS & associates

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