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What is Capsulitis?


Capsulitis is swelling of the capsular ligaments that surround a joint. Capsulitis can happen at any joint in the human body, but it is most often seen in the foot at the base of the second toe.

Signs & Symptoms Of Capsulitis

Pain underneath or over a joint is a main sign of capsulitis. You may also experience:

  • Redness and warmth at the joint
  • Swelling
  • Pain when walking or putting pressure on the joint – often patients describe is as the feeling of walking on a pebble
  • If the particular joint has been overloaded for several time, you may also have a callus on the bottom of the foot below the affected joint

If the capsulitis is severe and the joint becomes dislocated or unstable, you may notice that the position of the bones that cover the joint may move out of place, which may leave the joint looking prominent (e.g. there being a obvious space between the toes) and other features.

What causes capsulitis?

It is generally believed that capsulitis of the second toe exists because of excessive pressure on the ball of the foot underneath the toe joint. This can be because of biomechanical factors such as:

  • Severe bunion deformity
  • Second toe longer than the big toe
  • Unstable arch
  • Tight calf muscle
  • Rigid hammertoes

In addition, activities that involve persistent excessive bending of the toes can make the ligaments becoming inflamed and overstretched. Squatting to perform work low to the ground, and wearing high heel shoes, and climbing ladders are instances of activities that can involve excessive bending of the toes.

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