Blue Toe Syndrome

Blue Toe Syndrome

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Blue Toe Syndrome


Blue toe syndrome (also called occlusive vasculopathy) is a kind of acute digital ischaemia in which one or more toes turn violet or blue in colour. On the soles of the feet, there may also be spread areas of petechiae or cyanosis.

Blue toe syndrome is linked with small vessel blocking and can happen without obvious previous trauma or disorders that produce generalised cyanosis, like methaemoglobinaemia or hypoxaemia. Moreover, it most often seen in an older man who has undertaken a vascular procedure.

Causes of blue toe syndrome

The impairment of blood flow is because of one or more of the following factors:

  • Decreased arterial flow
  • Impaired venous outflow
  • Blood circulation abnormalities

Also, these are not mutually exclusive. For instance, abnormal circulating blood can bring vasculitis and subsequent thrombosis of the capillaries and arterioles giving blood to the toes, which result in a decreased arterial flow.

Clinical features of blue toe syndrome

Blue toe syndrome’s clinical signs can range from a single, painful, and blue toe to a broad, multi-organ sickness that can seem like other systemic disorders. Any organ or tissue could be impacted. However, the lower extremities’ skin and skeletal muscles are almost always affected.

Additionally, one of the initial indications is typically cutaneous abnormalities, most frequently a blue or purple discoloration of the affected toes. Depending on the underlying pathophysiology, discoloration may only affect one foot or both. It frequently hurts and also could be related to claudication.

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