Ayurvedic Foot Massage

ayurvedic foot massage

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Ayurvedic Foot Massage


Ayurvedic foot massage is a specialised massage of the feet and lower legs that uses oils and a small bronze bowl or ‘wand’. Our feet work in conjunction with multiple organs and foot tension can lead to muscle strain and can intensify irritability and fatigue. Regular ayurvedic massage helps to lessen these health hazards in the most soothing manner.

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine system of India and is accepted as one of the world’s oldest.  Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical system, meaning ‘science of life’ the art of harmonious healthy living.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Foot Massage

Here are some of the benefits that an ayurvedic foot massage give:

  • Releasing anxiety, stress, and depression. Relaxing your body with an ayurvedic foot massage just for 15 minutes before you go to bed will calm you down and you will also have a good sleep.
  • Soothes the nerves, revitalises the CNS and improves blood circulation. Ayurvedic foot massage has a direct impact on blood flow throughout the body. It stimulates all nerve endings to improve the functions of every organ that would make the immune system efficient and have better digestive functionality.
  • Aids foot health, heal cracks of the heels. A considerable decrease in the cracking of heels, dryness, and roughness of feet has been seen in patients receiving ayurvedic treatment for a month.
  • Cures Hemiplegia and Paraplegia. According to a study, receiving ayurvedic foot massages for 45 minutes every day for a month straight can provide noticeable good results.
  • Reduces symptoms of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS). Abdominal cramps and other PMS symptoms can be relieved by applying Padabhyanga in the arch of the inside of the foot and stimulating it by pressing it with your fingers.
  • Relieves pain, fatigue and cramps
  • Balances foot and body temperature.
  • Rejuvenates the whole body
  • Eradicates pain
  • Restores youth and vitality
  • Develops Vigor
  • Relaxes tired feet & legs and reduces swelling; nourishes the skin
  • Improves joint mobility and relaxes the muscles of feet and legs
  • Restores levels of Prana (energy)
Are you suffering from this condition or other foot problems? One of our podiatrist can assist and then recommend what nonsurgical treatments are best to get you back on track.
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We hope you have a feetastic day! 👣☀️

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