Six Top Tips To Get Your Feet Christmas and Winter Ready

Tips To Get Your Feet Christmas and Winter Ready

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Six Top Tips To Get Your Feet Christmas and Winter Ready


How do you get your feet ready for the winter?

Even as temperatures drop, it is easy to forget about your feet; because they are less visible, we are less concerned about them. However, it is necessary to look after them in order to avoid dryness, painful cracks, raynauds or even frostbite.

Thus, we have prepared some top tips for you to have your feet winter and Christmas ready.

Here are 6 top Tips To Get Your Feet Winter Ready that you need to know:

1. Keep Your Feet Clean and Dry – Damp feet get cold more easily and are prone to bacterial and viral infections. Treat yourself to warm Epsom salt foot baths throughout the cooler weather, and dry your feet thoroughly after each footbath.  Pay special attention to the areas in between the toes.

2. Wear Comfortable Footwear – Wear well-insulated winter boots that fit comfortably, not too tight and will keep your feet warm in the winter. Tight footwear can decrease blood flow, making it harder to keep your feet warm, increasing the risk of frostbite, or flaring up conditions such as Chilblains and Raynaud’s.

3. Keep Your Feet Moisturized on a Regular Basis – Use an emollient designed specifically for dry feet and damaged heels to hydrate your feet. Put on bamboo socks after treating your feet with if you are doing this in the morning time.

4. Wash Your Feet Every Day – Keeping feet clean can prevent toenail fungus and other unpleasant problems. Make sure that your feet are completely dry before you put socks and shoes on again. Change socks daily even twice per day where necessary.

5. How many footsteps do we take on average per year?  1,4616,000!  And if we think about 80 years – we need to look after our feet!

6. The podiatrist is your feet’s ally in the winter – Your feet are vital and, especially in the winter, need to be nurtured. Treat yourself – a foot massage or exfoliation may be needed. If you have any foot problems, visit a podiatrist immediately to avoid any further foot complications.

Are you suffering from any foot problems? At The Chelsea Clinic, we offer bunion treatment. One of our podiatrist can assist and then recommend what nonsurgical treatments are best to get you back on track.
Schedule an appointment here or you may call us at 44 (0) 207 101 4000. 📞



We hope you have a feetastic day! 👣☀️

-The Chelsea Clinic and Team



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