November 2022

ayurvedic foot massage

Ayurvedic Foot Massage

Ayurvedic Foot Massage   Ayurvedic foot massage is a specialised massage of the feet and lower legs that uses oils and a small bronze bowl or ‘wand’. Our feet work in conjunction with multiple organs and foot tension can lead to muscle strain and can intensify irritability and fatigue. Regular ayurvedic massage helps to lessen […]

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Trench Foot

Trench Foot

What is Trench Foot?   Trench foot, or also known as immersion foot syndrome, is a serious illness which results from having a wet feet for too long. This condition occurs when your feet are exposed to cold, wet and unhygienic conditions whilst wearing compressing footwear. The initial stages of this ailment appear alike to

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Venous Eczema

Venous Eczema

What is Venous Eczema?   Venous Eczema happens when there is venous insufficiency or poor circulation in the lower legs. It is also called stasis dermatitis, venous stasis dermatitis and gravitational dermatitis. The skin can break down to form ulcers if left untreated. Venous Eczema often can find in people with underlying venous insufficiency or

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Tennis Toe

Tennis Toe

What is Tennis Toe?   Tennis toe is a painful sports-related injury when bleeding under the toenail occurs as a result of damage to the toe, giving the nail a black or red in appearance.  This ailment is also known as “subungual hematoma” and “runner’s toe” as it most frequently affects runners and other sportsmen

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Iselin’s Disease

Iselin’s Disease

Iselin’s Disease What is Iselin’s Disease? Iselin’s Disease occurs when you suffer pain around the base of the little toe (5th metatarsal).  The pain may release down the lateral (outside) of the foot. It is commonly defined as an aching/sharp or ‘bruised’ type of pain. Symptoms may include localised swelling and redness. Pain usually gets

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Actions to Prevent Diabetes

5 Actions to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

5 Actions to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes   There are many complications of diabetes! Diabetes complications can affect your nervous system, heart, skin, eyes and kidneys. Having poor blood circulation and nerve damage are two of the biggest diabetes complications that podiatrists concern about. PAD refers to damage to blood vessels that supply your feet. It stops cuts and sores from properly healing.

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tingling in the foot?

Tingling in the foot?

Tingling in the foot?   Nerve damage is one of the possible complications from having high blood sugar levels for a long time. High blood sugar damages your nerves, and these nerves may not continue sending messages to different parts of your body. Nerve damage can be the cause for health problems ranging from mild

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