Tennis Toe

Tennis Toe

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What is Tennis Toe?


Tennis toe is a painful sports-related injury when bleeding under the toenail occurs as a result of damage to the toe, giving the nail a black or red in appearance.  This ailment is also known as “subungual hematoma” and “runner’s toe” as it most frequently affects runners and other sportsmen who are engage in toe-intensive activities.

The affected toe may also throb, the nail may thicken and become brittle, in addition to the nail’s discolouration.  Even though it can be painful, this condition does not necessarily mean that you have a broken toe.  Treatment for minor cases involves cleaning the afflicted nail with an antiseptic solution and covering it with a dressing to prevent infection.  To grow out and return to normal, a new, healthy nail does take a few months.  On the other hand, in severe cases, it could be necessary to drill a tiny hole into the nail in order to drain the blood that has accumulated beneath it.  Significant bleeding, edema, or infection are characteristics of severe instances.

How to prevent getting Tennis toe?

In order to avoid this condition, you should:

  • Make sure your shoes are well-fitted and they are not too small or too big.
  • Keep toenails clipped short so they do not extend past the end of the toe.  This will lessen the pressure and friction on the toe.
  • Tape the big toe and second toe together.

In general, tennis toe is caused by wearing shoes that are either too big or too small.  Tennis toe is a condition that develops when shoes are too small and the toe box is inadequate for the toes.  Particularly during start or stop when exercising or doing sports, there is a constant pressure.  Moreover, the increased friction and pressure of the big toe against the end of the shoe can cause this problem if the shoes are excessively big and the foot can slide back and forth inside them.

Are you suffering from this condition or other foot problems?  One of our podiatrist can assist and then recommend what nonsurgical treatments are best to get you back on track.
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