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Best Walking Boots for your feet


Comfortable and well-fitting walking boots or shoes are always worth the investment. The best walking boots offer essential comfort and support, while helping to prevent any accidents or injuries. Ill-fitting and non-supportive footwear can make for a miserable time out in your walk causing foot issues like blisters.

The best lightweight walking boots should feel like an extension to your body. It makes you feel comfortable and offers you the right amount of support to your feet. You would feel that your feet is being perfectly protected by your boots.

What to consider in choosing the right walking boots for your feet?

  • Waterproofing and breathability – the versatility of the boots considering its different uses. For waterproof boots, this can be used in all types of weathers but it will be hotter and sweatier on warmer walks. For non-waterproof versions, it will offer superior breathability.
  • Sole – a flexible sole would make you feel more comfortable but get less protection on rocky trails. A chunky grip is perfect in muds but less stable on more technical terrain.
  • Fit – choosing the perfect fit boots on your feet is really important to avoid future foot problems. Having a sore feet would ruin your walk so find a boots that would give comfort to your ankle, midfoot, and your toe box.

For women, one of their choices in walking boots is the superb boots like the AKU Alterra Lite Mid GTX which are light and comfortable straight from the box. It comes with a clever lacing system that works with the soft suede upper to wrap around the foot, offering excellent support throughout the foot and ankle. The outsole is protective without being stiff and grips well across a range of conditions.

In contrast, one of men’s boot choices is mid-height boots like La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II which feels light, soft, and comfortable, with a well-cushioned footbed. The padded ankle cuff adds weather and grit protection without feeling restrictive or adding much weight.

Moreover, one of the popular brands in walking boots is Scarpa because they are durable and technically excellent. This boot gives levels of stability and protection normally found in heavier boots but without the weight. It is a great boot suitable for year-round use on a wide variety of terrains.

What can I do if I am having a hard time on finding boots that fit to my feet properly?

Every foot is unique but boots are made to on lasts to a general fit. It is common to find that some modification to the boot is required to get an optimal fit. Hence, here are several ways to achieve this:

  • Footbeds – There are now a variety of high performance footbeds available to suit differing needs. Superfeet offer a variety of footbeds with which you can customise the fit of your boot, offering additional support.
  • Volume Adjusters – This is a thin insert which can be added under the footbed to reduce the overall volume of the boot. This can make up to a half size difference in fit.
  • If you usually wear insoles – bring them along and try them in the boots before you buy as they will make a big difference to the fit, size and possibly style you may need.
Are you looking for a perfect walking boots for your feet? One of our podiatrists can recommend what would be the best type of boots that are appropriate for your feet.
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We hope you have a feetastic day! 👣☀️

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