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Bank Holidays and walks – Achilles, Bunions and Heel Pain.

The bank holiday season is here maybe you have organised a walk but your Achilles tendon, your Bunions or Heels are hurting? Then here are 5 top tips for you:


(1) Before doing anything a simple seated calf stretch held for up to 30 seconds with 5 repetitions and alternating with the other leg will be excellent – using a TheraBand ideally, (even your dressing gown cord can suffice).

(2) Stick to flat surfaces where possible – hilly or uneven surfaces will just put extra pressure on structures that are already grumbling and we don’t want to increase any further stress here.

(3) Trainers or walking shoes with a heel pitch – What does this even mean? This is the difference in the height/thickness of the heel compared to the front of the shoe (toe box). Avoid wearing very flat shoes as this type of shoe doesn’t have the right heel pitch to better assist you from transitioning at your heel to your toe, which, aids to reduce any extra tension at the heel it helps your Achilles too.

(4) But what about my bunion(s)? A broad toe box / front of the shoe – measure your forefoot from the 1st toe joint across to the 5th toe joint and then ensure that the toe box is still at least 1/2cm more spacious still.

(5) Control the Distance of your Walk. Distance plays a major part in the control of heel pain when walking. It is ok to feel a little bit of pain when walking but if the pain persists for more than 5-10 minutes post exercise then it may be time to reduce the length of the walk. Never try to ‘push through the pain’. Listen to your body and let pain be the controlling factor in how far you walk.

If unsure about any of the above? Please do not hesitate to give us a call for further advice 0n 44 (0) 207 101 4000. Schedule an appointment here.

And if all else fails of course there are so many other fun things maybe even a crazy game of golf ⛳ ! Happy Bank Holiday to you what ever you do may we wish you a very relaxing and lovely time
The Chelsea clinic 👣☀️


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