Ollier’s Disease

Ollier disease

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What is Ollier’s Disease?


Ollier’s disease is an unusual skeletal disorder regarded as an abnormal bone development (skeletal dysplasia). While this condition may be existing at birth (congenital), it could not be apparent up until early childhood when indications such as improper limb growth or deformities are more obvious.

Ollier’s disease symptoms

The leading sign of this condition is bone deformity. Nonetheless, people with Ollier’s disease may also have:

  • A bony mass on the toe.
  • Asymmetric growth.
  • Enchondromas.
  • Enlarged toes.
  • Soreness in the area affected by an enchondromas.
  • Swollen, aching limbs.

People with Ollier’s disease are more prone to bone fractures as enchondromas can result the outer layer of bone to become fragile and thin. In fact, Ollier’s disease is normally diagnosed when enchondromas is visible in an X-ray. The X-ray will typically illustrate a dark hole in the bone which has calcification or white spots when an enchondroma is present.

It is usual for swelling to occur because of an enchondroma, however pain may be a cause to worry. While it may be ordinary for pain to occur, pain that happens when one is at rest or pain that does not go away may be an indication of malignancy and should be examined.

Causes of Ollier’s disease

It is yet unclear whether the illness is caused by a single gene defect or maybe a combination of mutations. However, the uneven distribution of lesions recommends that the illness is the result of mosaicism, or an error in cell division that happens before birth.

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