Ganglion Cysts

ganglion cysts

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Ganglion Cysts


Ganglion cysts are noncancerous lumps that most commonly develop along the tendons or joints of the wrists, hands, ankles, or feet.  These cysts are filled with a jelly-like fluid called synovial fluid, which is found in joints.  They can vary in size, ranging from pea-sized to golf ball-sized, and may fluctuate in size over time.

Ganglion Cysts on foot

Ganglion cysts can indeed develop on the foot, particularly in areas where there are joints or tendons.  They are most commonly found on the top of the foot, near the ankle joint, or on the underside of the foot, near the base of the toes or in the arch.


A person with a ganglion cyst on their foot may have:

  • a noticeable lump
  • a tingling or burning sensation if the cyst is touching a nerve
  • pain, possibly a dull ache, if the cyst is pressing against a joint or tendon
  • irritation when wearing shoes, depending on the location of the cyst

The average width of a ganglion cyst on the foot is 2.7 centimeters, or 1.06 inches.  When they form on the feet, these cysts cause pain in 67.9% of cases.

Causes of Ganglion Cysts

Although the exact cause of ganglion cysts is unknown, they may arise from trauma—whether a single event or repetitive microtrauma.

Nonsurgical Treatment

There are various options for treating a ganglion cyst on the foot:

  • Monitoring but no treatment. If the cyst causes no pain and does not interfere with walking, the surgeon may decide it is best to carefully watch the cyst over a period of time.
  • Shoe modifications. Wearing shoes that do not rub the cyst or cause irritation may be advised. In addition, placing a pad inside the shoe may help reduce pressure against the cyst.
  • Aspiration and injection. This technique involves draining the fluid and then injecting a steroid medication into the mass. More than one session may be needed. Although this approach is successful in some cases, in many others, the cyst returns.
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