Footwise Protection: The Significance of Sunscreen and Mole Changes on our Feet

The Significance of Sunscreen and Mole Changes

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Footwise Protection: The Significance of Sunscreen and Mole Changes on our Feet


Today we will discuss mole changes and the importance of feet sunscreen.

Sunscreen is often applied carefully to the face, arms and legs… however applying to our feet can oftentimes be overlooked!

The skin on the feet are also susceptible to the harmful effects of UV radiation especially when we are wearing open footwear such as sandals.  Using even a sunscreen spray for convenience can protect us against foot skin cancer, as well as preventing sunburn and premature foot skin aging.

UV radiation from the sun can accelerate skin aging, leading to wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.  Sun damage can cause dryness, cracking and other skin problems on the feet.

Sunburn on the feet can be painful and uncomfortable.  Applying sunscreen helps prevent sunburn, reducing the risk of blistering, peeling and long-term skin damage.

The tops of the feet, as well as areas between the toes, are often overlooked when applying sunscreen.  However, these areas are particularly vulnerable to sunburn and skin damage due to their exposure to direct sunlight.  Regularly applying sunscreen to your feet helps prevent uneven pigmentation and discoloration, promoting a more uniform skin tone.

Mole Changes

Talking of skin cancer… Dangerous mole changes are most common at the feet and behind the backs of ears.  What should we look for? ‘CUBED’

  •  Colour
  • Uniformity
  • Borders
  • Elevation
  • Depth

A mole that changes color, becomes darker, or develops multiple shades could signal melanoma or other types of skin cancer.  Healthy moles typically have smooth, well-defined borders.  Moles with irregular, blurred or jagged borders may be concerning for skin cancer.

Moles that become asymmetrical, itchy, painful or bleed without any trauma should be evaluated promptly by a healthcare professional.

Sunscreen is not just for sunny days or beach outings.  UV radiation can penetrate clouds and windows, so it’s important to apply sunscreen to your feet every day regardless of the weather or season.

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We hope you have a feetastic day!

-The Chelsea Clinic and Team



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