Ankle Strength Exercise for Acute Ankle Injury Grade III

acute ankle injury grade III

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Here are Some Ankle Strength Exercise for Acute Ankle Injury Grade III


Acute Ankle Injury Grade III is the complete tear of the ligament.  You can experience significant tenderness, bruising, and swelling around the ankle.  Also, a severe pain with weightbearing and substantial instability on examination may happen.  Even a complete ligament tear (Grade 3) will heal without surgical repair if it is immobilized and rehabilitated appropriately.  Grade 3 sprains may require a short leg cast or cast-brace for 10 to 14 days.

What to do when you have Acute Ankle Injury Grade III?

  • Put the ankle to rest.
  • Resting the ankle not only decreases pain, it also helps heal the ankle more quickly.
  • Do not walk or stand on the injured leg for at least three days.  After three days, start gradual weight bearing.  If the ankle hurts, back off from bearing weight.  If the ankle is improving, gradually ease back into normal walking.
  • Use crutches.  You may need to use crutches until you can walk without pain.  If you do use crutches, try to bear some weight on your injured ankle if you can do so without pain.  This helps the ankle heal.

Using crutches, a cane, or a walker can help keep your weight off your injured or weak leg, assist with balance, and enable you to perform your daily activities more safely.

One exercise you can do is towel and tissue scrunches.  Place a small towel on the floor in front of you while you sit in a hard chair.  With your shoes and socks off, gently grab the towel with your toes, scrunch it up, and count to 5.  Then release the towel and repeat.  Do this 8 to 10 times— or less if you feel pain.  You can also try this with a tissue.

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