Ankle Strength Exercise for Acute Ankle Injury Grade II

acute ankle injury grade II

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Here are Some Ankle Strength Exercise for Acute Ankle Injury Grade 2


Acute Ankle Injury Grade II involves a partial tear of the lateral ligament/s, and no joint instability.  Many people and especially athletes suffer from ankle instability.  This instability is often caused by recurring spraining of the ankle, so that the ankle ligaments are stretched or torn and the healing process is lengthy and slow.

Ankle strapping or taping may effectively prevent and passively support ankle ligament injuries.  Most ankle strapping uses a rigid sports tape.  In most cases, 38mm width strapping tape will suffice.  Larger ankles may prefer 50mm width.  Weaning off ankle tape in general activity is usually recommended as strength, range of movement and balance improves and symptoms reduce.

Benefits of Ankle Taping in Acute Ankle Injury Grade II

When used correctly, ankle taping techniques can:

  • Aid healing of ankle injuries
  • Allow an earlier return to sport or activity following injury
  • Reduce the likelihood of injury aggravation
  • Prevent ankle injuries (such as sprained ankles) during high risk sports (such as netball, basketball, football) or activities (such as hiking or walking on uneven surfaces)

The following ankle taping techniques are designed to support the ankle and reduce stress on the ankle during activity.  Some ankle strapping techniques include:

  • simple stirrups
  • anchor
  • figure-6
  • figure-8
  • basket weave, and
  • heel locks.

For athletes, a stronger proprioceptive stimulation is often necessary.

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