An Honour to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Some Facts About Her Shoe Habits

Queen Elizabeth II - shoemaker

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An Honour to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Some Facts About Her Shoe Habits


We are deeply saddened to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II  after her 70 year reign.  Her loss leaves the nation mourning its longest-serving monarch, but, it also allows us to reflect on the profound impact Her Majesty had.  Throughout her reign, Queen Elizabeth II was characterised by her profound sense of duty as well as determination to her crown and her people.

Going forward, we will share to you some facts about Her Majesty’s footwear.  Queen Elizabeth II has also some specific considerations in choosing a footwear.  She had a manufacturer that she’d turned to for over half a century.  Also, some of her shoes were specifically designed based on what she demands.  Truly Amazing! Moreover, the Queen’s footwear is as meticulously made as one could imagine a pair of royally-worn shoes would be.

Here are some facts about the Queen’s footwear

Did you know that?

  • The Queen has worn the same style of shoe for 50 years.  There will be a final fitting at Buckingham Palace, where any final adjustments, and a clean and polish, will take place before the shoes can be properly worn by the Queen.  Each and every one of the Queen’s shoes are handmade by London-based footwear company, Anello & Davide.  They are reportedly made by a dedicated team—including a pattern cutter, a clicker (a person in charge of selecting the leather), a closer (who sews the shoe’s upper and stiffens the shoe) and a maker, who tops it all off with a sole and a heel.
  • You will never, ever catch the Queen in a pair of wedges!  Queen Elizabeth II is never a fan of this style.  And not only has the monarch’s distaste for this type of footwear left many more likely of winning the lottery than ever seeing the royal in a pair of wedges!  You’re also just as unlikely to find any member of the royal family wearing a wedge—including the style loyal Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.
  • The monarch’s shoes also have staff in her employ dedicated to shoe care!  The occupation ‘footman’ exists in Buckingham Palace.  They are a group of people who among other things have then been tasked with the everyday care of the Queen’s shoes.  Just WOW! Once they’ve been worn, designated footmen are then said to air out the shoes on a shoe tree, before giving them a polish and storing them individually in silk or cotton drawstring bags.  Awesome!
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