What should we look for when buying trainers?


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What should we look for when buying trainers?


The shoes should conform to the shape of your feet, and not the other way around.  Therefore, a new shoe should be the right length and width for your foot.  Besides the right shoe size and width, an optimal fit, skillful workmanship and the use of high-quality materials for the upper, lining and outsole are also important factors when it comes to quality and selection.

What trainers do we recommend?

Hoka’s trainers have cushioning effect.  It is also ultra light for a weightless gait and therefore enhances stability and support with every step.  They usually use EVA foam midsole and also recycled materials.

As to Asics, did you know that they are using Cellulose nanofiber (CNF) for the soles of their shoes?  CNF can be made from almost any kind of plant biomass, making it an extremely abundant and renewable resource.  By using CNF in our shoes, ASICS is lowering its carbon footprint.  They continue to increase the use of this material to increase sustainability.

What about New Balance brand?  Did you know that most New Balance shoes are made by Cold Cement Construction process?  The New Balance classic trainer styles have a Sheet Cut EVA midsole.  This Midsole is attached by the Cold cement process.  Cold Cement shoe construction allows the use of modern lightweight plastic, foam and mesh materials due to the low temperatures required for bonding the upper to the shoe sole.  They are also starting to use recyclable materials.

Moreover, Newton’s trainers are crafted of the most premium recycled vegan materials.  Over time, many shoe designs have become thicker, cushier and heavier with greater heel heights.

For longevity, Brooks, Saucony and Mizuno are great to cater for the different foot shape and gait pattern.

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