What is Midfoot Arthritis?

Midfoot Arthritis

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Midfoot Arthritis


The midfoot (middle of the foot) is critical to the overall function of the foot and ankle. It serves many different functions, including transferring weight from the heel to the forefoot (front of the foot) when you walk. The midfoot is composed of multiple small bones that are aligned to provide push-off power when you walk and to provide flexibility for your feet to adjust to different types of terrain.

Arthritis is a broad term for conditions that cause the cartilage (gliding surfaces) of a joint to break down, much like the tires on your car can wear down. Loss of cartilage in a joint leads to painful motion and swelling. Midfoot arthritis is characterized by pain and swelling in the midfoot that gets worse when you stand or walk. You may specifically have pain while walking when you push off on your toes. Often there also is a bony prominence on the top of the foot that rubs painfully in shoes. Although symptoms can develop gradually over time, midfoot arthritis also can occur after a major midfoot injury, such as a Lisfranc injury.

Symptoms of Midfoot Arthritis

May depend on the specific underlying cause.

  • Usually involve pain especially with activity and push off, and particularly first thing in the morning, progressive stiffness and difficulty walking on uneven ground.
  • Swelling
  • May notice fallen arch and also difficulty with shoe wear

Lifestyle modifications such as weight management, wearing supportive footwear, and avoiding high-impact activities can help reduce stress on the affected joints and improve symptoms.

Midfoot arthritis is a degenerative condition that can cause pain and functional impairment in the midfoot joints. Early diagnosis and appropriate management are important for relieving symptoms and preserving foot function.

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