What is Frostbite?


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What is Frostbite?


Frostbite is a cold-weather-related medical condition that occurs when skin and other tissues freeze due to exposure to extremely cold temperatures.  It typically affects exposed areas of the body, such as the fingers, toes, nose, ears, cheeks and chin.

Exposure to freezing temperatures, especially with wind chill, can lead to the formation of ice crystals in the skin and underlying tissues, causing damage.

Risk Factors

  • Prolonged exposure to cold weather.
  • Wind chill, which increases the rate of heat loss from the body.
  • Wet clothing or inadequate protection against the cold.
  • Alcohol or tobacco use, as they can impair the body’s ability to regulate temperature.


  • Dressing in layers to stay warm.
  • Protecting extremities with hats, gloves and insulated footwear.
  • Avoiding prolonged exposure to extreme cold.
  • Staying dry and changing wet clothing promptly.
  • Limiting alcohol and tobacco use in cold conditions.

Stages of Frostbite

  • Frostnip: The initial stage involves skin turning pale or red and feeling numb.  It is a reversible condition.
  • Superficial Frostbite: Ice crystals form in the skin, causing numbness, pain and a waxy appearance.
  • Deep Frostbite: Ice crystals extend into deeper tissues, resulting in severe damage.  Skin may appear white or blue-gray.
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