What is a Gait Analysis?

what is gait analysis

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What is a Gait Analysis?


Gait simply refers to the way a person walks.  One or more bodily parts (such as the hips or knees) working below par might result in an irregular gait, which can then cause imbalances in other regions of the body when moving.  Podiatrists employ a system of scientific analysis called gait analysis to examine the biomechanics of how the body moves and how it affects the feet, hips, lower back, and limbs.  Your body’s motions are observed, measured, recorded, and evaluated during gait analysis.  Once a diagnosis has been made, any disorders that may be impairing your ability to walk or causing you chronic discomfort can be treated.

You may learn a lot about your body and how you move by analyzing your gait.  For instance, the way you walk may have anything to do with your hip pain.  The compensation your muscles are making to keep you upright, whether you’re in-toeing or out-toeing (rotating your feet inwards or outwards), may be the source of your pain.  A podiatrist doesn’t just look at the feet in a gait examination.  They may also notice that your knees or hips tuck in, which might influence the quality of your movement.

What happens in a gait analysis?

You will be asked to stand, walk, and run on a treadmill as well as likely on a regular floor during a conventional gait analysis.  Your motion may also be recorded at several angles for playback and additional examination.  Sensors are occasionally utilized in more involved analysis.  After that, you might be prescribed any essential workouts and treatments to resolve your particular problem.

After your thorough assessment any number of treatment protocols will be administered from strength work possibly to possibly prescriptive orthoses.  The protocol is bespoke to each individual.

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