What is a Blister?


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What is a Blister?


A blister is a small, fluid-filled bump that forms on the outer layer of the skin. Blisters can result from various causes, including friction, burns, infections, or certain medical conditions.

Blisters typically form when there is friction or rubbing between the layers of skin, causing the outer layer to separate from the underlying tissues. The space between the layers then fills with a clear fluid called serum.

Types of Blisters

There are two main types of blisters:

    • Friction Blisters.  Caused by repetitive rubbing or friction against the skin.
    • Blistering Disorders.  Result from medical conditions like eczema, contact dermatitis or autoimmune disorders.

Symptoms of a blister

Blister symptoms include:

  • a reddened and tender patch of skin
  • a raised lump filled with clear fluid or, sometimes, blood.

Causes of blisters

Some common causes of blisters include:

  • ill-fitting shoes
  • friction (for example, using a shovel all day without gloves can cause blisters on the palms of the hands)
  • scalds or burns
  • severe sunburn
  • allergic reaction to irritants
  • viral skin infection (such as herpes or warts)
  • fungal skin infection (such as tinea on the soles of the feet or between the toes).

Blisters can become a more serious concern if you have diabetes as they may not heal so easily.  It is important to act immediately if you feel any friction or discomfort as blisters can form very quickly. Stop walking or running and examine your feet and if nothing has developed, consider applying some material or padding to cushion the area or even a breathable waterproof plaster.

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