Migraines linked to Toe Woes

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Migraines linked to Toe Woes


According to the International Headache Society, migraines can affect 1 in 7 people worldwide regardless of age or gender.  Usually cited as lasting anywhere from 4 hours to several days.  It is a very common but disabling neurological disorder.  And yet have we ever wondered about our locomotor system?  Or further still the base of support for our locomotor system?  So how is migraine linked to toe woes?  If we are not stable at the foot and the ankle, this affects our posture.  It makes us not only less energy efficient but poorly functioning feet can be another source of severe headache causes.
A Pes planus (also known as flat feet) can cause damage to our foot and ankle tendons they can be overstretched, functioning with less efficacy with increased risk of strain and damage which can become more and more difficult to correct.  Other issues from a poor foot and ankle posture can include for example: plantar fasciitis, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD) or weak ankles.

What happens when our intrinsic and extrinsic foot muscles are weak?

The muscles in our lower limbs begin to overcontract and maladapt.  Is the Superficial Back Line (*SBL, a myofascial type of extensive sling/connection) that runs from your feet up to our head torsioned?  And is our plumbline balanced?  The plumbline is the center line from the crown of the head to the space between the feet.

One of or a combination of these factors can produce aberrant signals affecting and overstimulating the brain.  The blood vessels in our brain become inflamed and now the throbbing contributes to our headache.
To begin a very simple remedy such as a home Pilates regime to address body alignment we also like the excellent Trevor Blount Pilates studio: Trevor Blount Pilates at https://www.trevorblountpilates.com
Strength work for our feet can help with proper weightlifting shoes such as the power perfect 3 Tokyo weightlifting shoes.  Also, strengthening the lower limb and foot /ankle muscles as we push through the weights needing to stabilise and activate our feet for these strong movements.

Paying a visit to your podiatrist for a biomechanical assessment can be useful.  In extreme/symptomatic cases and in an attempt to reduce drug therapy, customised physical therapy regimes, footwear advice and bespoke foot and ankle rehabilitation strength programmes can be created.

Are you suffering from any foot problems?  At The Chelsea Clinic, we can help.  One of our podiatrist can assist and then recommend what treatments are best to get you back on track. ✅  Podiatrist South Kensington
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