Plantar Vein Thrombosis

plantar vein thrombosis

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What is Plantar Vein Thrombosis?


Plantar vein thrombosis is an uncommon and under-diagnosed cause of plantar foot pain. Formation of a blood clot (thrombus) within one of the plantar veins characterizes a PVT. It is unclear what are the factors that lead to this condition.

However, the frequency of the condition might be underestimated. Most often, plantar heel pain is attributed to mechanical problems, resulting in plantar fasciitis.

The deep plantar veins are divided in the lateral and also medial plantar veins. It accompanies the lateral as well as medial plantar artery. These two veins initiate at the first intermetatarsal space. At the medial malleolus, they drain to the posterior tibial vein. The lateral plantar veins are more affected by thrombosis than the medial plantar veins are.

Moreover, there are no known cases of plantar vein thrombosis resulting from wearing inappropriate footwear. A possible explanation for the plantar vein thrombosis is venous stasis of blood and also local trauma caused by the hump on the inner sole of the shoe of the patient.

This condition presents as non-specific unilateral plantar foot pain, swelling, and a heavy feeling in the affected foot. There is no current diagnostic guideline for this condition however compression ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging appear suitable.

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