Pitted Keratolysis

Pitted Keratolysis

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Suffering from Pitted Keratolysis? Know more about it – its causes, prevention, and factors that may lead to it


What is a Pitted Keratolysis?

Pitted keratolysis is a superficialĀ bacterialĀ skinĀ infection typically of the soles of the feet characterised by whitish skin withĀ clusters of punched-out pits, and resulting in smelly feet. For this reason, itā€™s also known as holes in the feet, holes in the skin, and holes in the hand. It is much more common in males than in females. Occupations at risk include farmers, athletes, sailors or fishermen, industrial workers, military personnel, and others.

The cause of this skin disorder is because of several bacterial species. The bacteriaĀ proliferate in moist conditions. TheĀ pitting is due to the destruction of the horny cells produced by the bacteria. The bad smell is due to sulfur compounds produced by the bacteria.

What are the factors that can develop Pitted Keratolysis?

How to prevent pitted keratolysis?

Pitted keratolysis will instantly recur unless the feet are kept dry. Here are some precautions to be consider:

  • Do not share footwear or towels with others
  • Wear open-toed sandals whenever possible
  • ApplyĀ antiperspirantĀ to the feet at least twice weekly
  • Do not wear the same shoes two days in a row ā€” dry them out
  • Wear socks, which effectively absorb sweat, ie cotton and/or wool
  • Wear boots for as short a period as possible
  • Wash feet with soap orĀ antisepticĀ cleanser twice daily

Without treatment, the pits can coalesce together to form larger crater-like depressions in the skin. The smell may besides get worse.

If you are suffering from this condition, we can provide a treatment of pitted keratolysis for you and get your feet back to normal. Schedule an appointment here or you may call us at 44 (0) 207 101 4000.šŸ“ž



Hope you are having a feetnomenal day! šŸ‘£ā˜€ļø

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