What to do when you have sweaty feet?

sweaty feet

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What to do when you have sweaty feet?


While usually sweaty feet are normal, excessive sweating may be a sign of a disorder called hyperhidrosis.  Sweaty feet can also result to other health problems like athlete’s foot, foot odour, and toenail fungus.

Although you can’t stop your feet from sweating, if it is causing you problems, we’ll look at ways to manage, avoid, and stop sweaty feet as well as how to cure chilly, clammy feet.

How to prevent having a sweaty feet?

1. Wearing the right socks

Use cotton socks during the warmer months for appropriate ventilation.  Choose the ideal pair of socks for the season and activities.  Wintertime is a fantastic time to use bamboo.  Nylon should be avoided since it might retain moisture.

2. Using antifungal powders

An antifungal foot powder will help to keep feet dry and odour-free.  An alternative option is to apply a light dusting of corn-starch to the feet.  But corn-starch does not fight fungus just like what antifungal powders do.

3. Applying antiperspirant

For sweaty feet, an antiperspirant deodorant is a simple solution.  The way these items function is by momentarily inhibiting the sweat glands.  Applying antiperspirant on dry feet before bed and wiping it off in the morning is advised by the American Academy of Dermatology.  After doing this for another three or four nights in a row, people should start utilizing it once or twice a week.

4. Choosing the right shoes

Find shoes that are made from a breathable fabric like canvas.  Avoid patent or plastic shoes as they do not allow a good airflow and may trap sweat inside the shoe.  Check that shoes are the correct size.  Shoes that are too tight will crowd the toes and contribute to sweaty feet.  Insoles may also give enough relief from sweaty feet.  Look for absorbent or deodorizing insoles to wick away moisture and prevent foot odours.

5. Staying hydrated

During exercise or on hot days, drinking plenty of water can assist to regulate body temperature and lessen the likelihood of sweating.

How to get rid of sweaty feet?

Even the most effective preventive measures cannot always avoid sweaty feet. The following actions may be helpful when sweating occurs:

1. Washing your feet

Washing the feet at least once a day is recommended to avoid the spread of bacteria.  We recommend washing sweaty feet with the antibacterial soap called hibiscrub.

2. Soaking feet in black tea

Black tea may be a useful strategy to stop perspiration.  In this unconventional treatment, the feet are placed in a bowl filled with warm water and two black tea bags.  As a result of the tannins in the tea, the pores in the skin is close and can reduce sweating.  Soak sweaty feet for 20 minutes.  If needed, repeat this procedure every day.

3. Carrying spare socks

Put on a new pair of socks if washing or soaking the feet is not possible.  Choose moisture-wicking or all-natural cotton socks.  Have extra pairs of socks on hand at work or school so that you can refresh the feet instantly.

4. Changing shoes

Feet will get warmer and sweat more in hot shoes.  Change into a pair of cool, new shoes as soon as your feet begin to sweat.  Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes twice in a row.  This allows the shoes to completely dry out in between uses.  On dry days, leave shoes outside for 1-2 hours to hasten this process.

5. Applying rubbing alcohol

Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol between the toes or to the sweaty parts of the feet for prompt relief.  This will rapidly dry the feet out and eliminate odors from the feet.  However, it is imperative to avoid using this therapy frequently as it might cause skin irritation and excessive foot drying.

If you already have done all of this and nothing works, see a podiatrist.  At The Chelsea Clinic, we can help.  One of our podiatrist can assist and then recommend what treatments are best to get you back on track. ✅  Podiatrist South Kensington
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We hope you have a feetastic day! 👣☀️

-The Chelsea Clinic and Team




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