Our Feetastic and 5 toe tapping top Easter tips

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With Easter in full flow today and the Sun here to greet us – we would like to offer you 5 toe tapping top tips for today


1. If possible try be outside today for your vitamin D dose

2. The drier your feet the higher the urea content in your emollient. We recommend maximum 40%. If you do need 40% in the cases of cracks in your heels this should be for a short time too

3. Speaking of dentists? Did you know that drying well in between your toes is as important as flossing?  We recommend drying very well in between your toes once out of the shower / bath to keep any nasty microbes from entering less than optimal skin at the spaces between your toes.

4. Before putting your shoes on? Always a feetastic idea to run your hands briefly inside your shoes, shake them and then turn them upside down, (very sensible if you have lost a little sensation in your feet), avoiding any little pebble or any other unwanted item to rub against your feet and even causing you an injury.

5. Yes it is that important – by wearing well-fitted shoes? We would be 50% less busy. It really is true!

You have spoken and we have listened we now have our brand new men and women

Brannock foot measuring device so we can measure your feet properly

next time you order your new shoes or go to the shoe shop in person


Having any problems with your feet? We can provide treatment protocols for you and get you back on track. Schedule an appointment here or you may call us at 44 (0) 207 101 4000.

May we wish you a very happy Easter ahead.

Yours in foot health The Chelsea Clinic


Learn more about plantar fasciitis here https://www.thechelseaclinic.uk/i-think-i-have-plantar-fasciitis/

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