Nail trauma

nail trauma

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Nail trauma


Nail trauma refers to any injury or damage to the nails.  This can include a variety of conditions such as nail bed injuries, nail fractures, nail avulsions, or nail infections.  Nail trauma can happen due to accidents, repetitive trauma, or underlying medical conditions.

Common causes of nail trauma

  1. Accidental injury. This can occur when the nail is crushed, hit, or caught in a door or heavy object.
  2. Repetitive trauma. Continuous pressure or friction on the nails, such as from wearing tight shoes or engaging in activities that involve repetitive impact on the nails, can lead to nail trauma.
  3. Nail biting or picking. Habitual nail biting or picking can cause damage to the nails and surrounding skin, leading to trauma.
  4. Ingrown nails. When the edge of the nail grows into the surrounding skin, it can cause pain, inflammation, and infection.
  5. Fungal or bacterial infections. Infections can cause the nails to become brittle, discolored, and prone to trauma.

Additionally, wearing ill-fitting shoes can repeatedly injure your toenails, resulting in nail abnormalities.  The abnormalities could resemble a fungal infection; the thicker or discolored nails that can lift away from the nail bed are unsightly.

Symptoms of nail trauma may include pain, swelling, bleeding, discoloration, deformity, or detachment of the nail from the nail bed.

Treatment for nail trauma depends on the severity and type of injury.  With proper nail care and hygiene, minor wounds could heal on their own.  More severe cases, however, would necessitate medical treatment, such as nail removal, sutures, or medications for infections.

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