Nail Clubbing

nail clubbing

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Nail Clubbing: Its symptoms, causes, and treatment


Nail clubbing happens when your nails appear wider, spongelike or swollen, like an upside-down spoon. Clubbed nails are frequently a sign of a medical illness that requires treatment, such as lung cancer.

Symptoms of Nail Clubbing

If you have nail clubbing, your nails may:

  • Feel soft and sponge-like.
  • Feel warm to the touch.
  • Form a rounded, bulging shape, giving the appearance of an upside-down spoon.
  • Look red.
  • Widen and wrap around the sides of your fingertips.

A few of your nails or all of them can be affected by nail clubbing.  Often, it begins in your thumb and at your forefinger before they spread to other nails.

Causes of Nail Clubbing

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