Metatarsus Primus Elevatus

primus metatarsus elevatus

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What is Metatarsus Primus Elevatus? Learn more about this condition


Metatarsus primus elevatus is a clinical diagnosis in which the first metatarsal is dorsally deviated in the sagittal plane in relation to the lesser metatarsals. The most common sequela of a metatarsus primus elevatus is hallux limitus or rigidus, which has been described as either structural or functional in nature. The most accurate method of assessing the sagittal plane relationship of the first metatarsal is
through manual range of motion examination. However, the radiographic appeatance of an elevated first metatarsal (lateral projection) provides insight to the static, stance position of the forefoot.

A variety of structural and positional conditions of  the forefoot and rearfoot predispose the patient to the development of metatarsus primus elevatus. In addition, the structural predisposing condition may be either developmental or acquired in nature. One must also realize that early in the progression of elevation of the first metatarsal, the deformity may appear flexible and reducible. However, as time ensues, the positional relationship of the first metatarsal to the lesser metatarsals may become rigid and fixed. Commonly identified structural conditions predisposing to this condition include an excessively long or shoft first metatarsal.  Or it may be a short proximal phalanx of the hallux.

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