London Marathon 2022 and How do we prepare for it?

london marathon

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London Marathon 2022 and How do we prepare for it?


The 42nd London Marathon event is happening today! The London Marathon has been a major participant event since it was first run by 6,500 people, mainly novices, in 1981. And now it has more than 30,000 finishers and is the biggest marathon in the world!

If you have been marathon training ahead of tackling the London Marathon for the first time this year, you’ll have spent a few months preparing yourself for the physical demands of running 42.2km (we hope!). You may also have prepared mentally by working out strategies for pushing through when the going gets tough.

It’s more about getting everything in place. The right kit, a training schedule, a goal – this is the perfect time to get everything in order.

But how do we prepare for this event? Here are some tips in joining this marathon so as to prepare your mind and body for it:


  1. Bring Some Old, Warm Clothes With You. Even if the weather looks great, it’ll still be chilly when you’re in your shorts and T-shirt waiting for the start. There will be charity collection points around the start so you can wear old clothes to stay warm and then give them away before you start.
  2. Wearing a bottle belt could reduce plastic waste by 45% . This event is encouraging participants to wear bottle belts this year to reduce points of contact (for COVID-19 safety purposes) and to reduce plastic waste.
  3. Use Vaseline lip balm. It’s also useful for using as lip balm as breathing hard through your mouth, even on a warm morning, for 42km will chap your lips something rotten.
  4. Get a pair of trainers that are comfortable and fit well with only 3 months use maximum. Surely the last thing you want is getting your feet injured! This is a top priority!
  5. Make up a training plan and try to stick to it as much as possible. Running itself is obviously a great way to prepare for the marathon, but it’s important you have a balanced training plan that also includes trips to the gym, or working out at home.
  6. You should begin jogging regularly or having long runs for an early training with the marathon. If you have a busy schedule, then plan your runs like they’re meetings by putting them in your email calendar. This will help to ensure you stick to your training regime!  Watch our for the train strike get there early!  Good luck!
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We hope you have a feetastic day! 👣☀️

-The Chelsea Clinic and Team



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