Isolated Stieda Process Fracture of Talus

Stieda Process

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Isolated Stieda Process Fracture of Talus


The Stieda process is an elongation of the lateral tubercle of the posterior process of the talus.  This process is the insertion point of the posterior talofibular ligament.

It forms from fusion of a secondary ossification center at the posterolateral aspect of the talus with rest of the talus (this typically occurs between 7-13 years) where the fused segment remains longer than usual.


SP plays a role in the weight bearing and plantar flexion of the foot.  SP fractures are frequently caused by excessive inversion or plantar flexion.  In which can occur in athletes when running or during plantar flexion of the foot.

The SP is often asymptomatic, but it might be impinged between the calcaneus and tibia in forced plantar flexion, causing microtrauma to the adjacent bony structures and compressing the soft tissues posterior to the ankle, and leading to posterior ankle pain.

Physical examination of a patient with a fracture of SP will reveal pain with plantar flexion and also weight bearing on the foot that may be aggravated with flexion of the hallux.  Patients will frequently present with swelling (especially medial to or at both sides of the Achilles tendon) and PAI at the posterolateral side of the ankle.  It can also cause significant disability because of the risk of malunion and degenerative arthritis.

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