Interdigital Psoriasis of the Feet

Interdigital Psoriasis of the Feet

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Interdigital Psoriasis of the Feet


Interdigital psoriasis (‘white psoriasis’ or ‘psoriasis alba’) is a distinct but atypical form of psoriasis.  It is often missed as it is commonly mistaken for interdigital fungal infection.

Interdigital psoriasis, intertriginous psoriasis, or toe web psoriasis are the terms for a psoriasis that affects the skin folds between the toes.  An excessively responsive immune system that causes the fast creation of skin cells is the hallmark of psoriasis.  Patches of skin that are thick, scaly, and irritated occur from this.

Symptoms of Interdigital Psoriasis of the Feet

Psoriasis can result in sensations including redness, itching, burning, and soreness between the toes when it affects the interdigital regions of the foot.  The skin may become dry, cracked, as well as scaly in the affected area.  Blisters or ulcers may develop in severe cases, causing discomfort and making walking challenging.

Interdigital psoriasis should always be taken into consideration if recalcitrant whitish, soggy patches are present, particularly in patients with other psoriasis stigmata as well, if mycological cultures are consistently negative, and if there is no response to antimycotic medication.

Causes of Interdigital Psoriasis of the Feet

Factors such as stress, injury or trauma to the area, fungal infections (such as athlete’s foot), or prolonged moisture and friction between the toes can trigger Interdigital psoriasis of the feet.  It may also coexist with other forms of psoriasis on various body parts.

It’s crucial to get medical advice from a healthcare provider to receive an accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan that is suited to your condition, it is crucial to get medical advice from a healthcare provider.  They can assess the severity of your interdigital psoriasis, identify the underlying causes, and give advice on how to properly manage your symptoms.



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