How to strengthen the foot?

How to strengthen the foot

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How to strengthen the foot?


Strong, healthy feet are less prone to sustain injuries or suffer from conditions like plantar fasciitis.  The muscles in the feet and ankles can provide the optimum support if they are regularly stretched and exercised.  In order to keep a person active, exercises may also expand the range of motion in the foot.

The majority of foot workouts we will share are easy to do and don’t require any fancy equipment.  They can be included into a daily fitness regimen and can be performed at home or in a gym.

5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Feet

  1. Calf stretching.  Calf stretching can be monotonous, but it’s vital for preventing injury and keeping your lower legs strong and flexible.
    • Stand facing a wall with your hands flat against the wall.
    • Place your right leg forward, while your foot remains flat on the floor.
    • Extend your left leg backwards and place your heel flat on the floor. Make sure you don’t bend your back knee.
    • Lean into the wall until you can feel your calf stretch in the straight leg.
    • Hold the stretch for 30 seconds on each side.
  2. Ankle pump up and down.  The ankle pump up is similar to the towel tug in that it stretches the calf muscles and increases ankle dorsiflexion.  Pull your foot up like you are trying to bring your toes to your shin.  Hold this for 10 seconds and repeat three times with each foot.  The ankle pump down will do the same, but increase ankle plantarflexion.  Push your foot down, pointing your toes toward the floor.  Again, hold for 10 seconds and repeat three times with each foot.
  3. Toe raise, point, and curl.  This will help strengthen all parts of the feet and toes.  Sit up straight in a chair, with the feet flat on the floor.  Keeping the toes on the floor, raise the heels.  Stop when only the balls of the feet remain on the ground.  Hold this position for 5 seconds before lowering the heels.  For the second stage, raise the heels and point the toes so that only the tips of the big and second toes are touching the floor.  Hold for 5 seconds before lowering.  For the third stage, raise the heels and curl the toes inward so that only the tips of the toes are touching the floor.  Hold this position for 5 seconds.  Build flexibility and mobility by repeating each stage 10 times.


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We hope you have a feetastic day! 👣☀️

-The Chelsea Clinic and Team


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