How to have healthier feet?

desirable feet

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How to have healthier feet?


Have you ever wondered what are the best ways on how to have a desirable feet?  Or even how you can keep your feet as healthy as possible?

  1. Keep Them Clean.  When you shower, don’t forget to wash your feet.  Some people may think that because they are standing in soapy water, their feet will automatically get clean, but that is not the case.  Use exfoliating gloves and foot scrub with some soap to get any stubborn dirt off them.  Also, after the shower, it is very important to dry your feet properly, especially in between the toes, as those areas are more prone to get fungal infection.  Fungus thrives very hot, moist and wet conditions.
  2. Moisturise your feet always.  After cleaning, make sure you moisturize your feet to lock in all that moisture from your shower or bath.  This will help keep your feet soft and silky smooth.  This step can also help to soften calluses on your foot and make it more comfortable.  Do not apply creams in between your toes, this area needs to be kept dry
  3. Dry your feet well.  Paying particular attention to between the toes – moisture trapped in between the toes can lead to skin breakdown and infection.
  4. Keep Your Nails Trim.  Keeping your nails trimmed and neat to avoid ingrown toenails and pain from long nails pushing on the inside of your shoes are very important.  This can help to reduce any further trauma to your nail and decrease risk of ingrown toenails at later stages.
  5. Let Them Breathe.  It’s not good to spend all day in socks and shoes.  Make sure your feet have time to be free of any footwear and allow air to circulate around them.  Wearing shoes with ventilation to allow air in and out is also essential for your feet to breathe.  Excessive workouts or walking too much may trigger various foot problems, therefore, ensure that you let your feet rest well by placing them on a soft surface.
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We hope you have a feetastic day! 👣☀️

-The Chelsea Clinic and Team


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