Cracked Heels alongside Christmas

cracked heels alongside christmas

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Cracked Heels alongside Christmas


Christmas Is For Crackers, Not Cracked Heels!

Certainly, the holiday season can be a wonderful time, but it can also bring about challenges for foot care, especially when dealing with cracked heels.

Cracked heels, also known as heel fissures, are a common foot condition characterized by dry, thickened skin with visible cracks or splits around the edge of the heel.  This condition can range from mild dryness to painful deep fissures that may bleed or become infected.

Causes of Cracked Heels:

  1. Dry Skin.  Lack of moisture in the skin, especially on the heels, can lead to dryness and cracking.
  2. Pressure.  Prolonged standing, obesity or increased pressure on the heels can cause the skin to crack.
  3. Improper Footwear.  Open-back shoes or sandals can lead to increased friction and dryness of the heels.
  4. Cold Weather.  Dry, cold weather can exacerbate skin dryness and worsen cracked heels.
  5. Medical Conditions.  Conditions like diabetes, eczema, psoriasis and thyroid disorders may contribute to dry skin and cracked heels.


  • Visible dryness, flakiness or thickened skin around the edges of the heels.
  • Deep cracks or fissures that may cause pain or bleeding.
  • Redness, inflammation or itching in severe cases.
  • Difficulty walking or discomfort, especially when weight is placed on the affected heel.

If left untreated, cracked heels can lead to complications such as infections, cellulitis or deeper fissures that may cause pain and difficulty walking.

Hence, regular foot care and attention to moisture levels are essential for preventing and managing cracked heels.  Maintaining a consistent foot care routine can help keep the skin on your heels healthy and prevent discomfort or complications associated with this condition.

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We hope you have a feetastic day!

-The Chelsea Clinic and Team



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